Who is Your Favorite LoM Character?

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Be sure to check the Characters page if you don’t know which names belong to whom.


The forign Life on Mars Comics have now been translated!

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The Brickshelf user known as VezokofZakaz has undertaken a massive project. The translation of over twenty Russian Lego Magazine comic’s into English.

This impressive collection focuses on the 2001 issues of the LEGO Official magazine only, which means the comics in question involve the Life on Mars, Alpha Team, Arctic, Adventurers Dino Island, Space Port, City and Stunt Rally themes.

We have added a link to VezokodZakaz’s gallery on our own Gallery page, and we have also set up direct link’s to the Life on Mars comics for easy viewing.

Go check it out!

LEGO Space Redesigns

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Here’s an interesting project that Niklas Jansson, a freelance artist known as Android Arts, was working on. Redesigning old LEGO space themes and pieces.

There are redesigns of many LEGO Space themes in this project, from Classic and Blacktron, to Mars Mission, and even Exo-Force. (Which I know technically isn’t a space theme, but still…) There’s even a small section with a few redesigns of Life on Mars!

Check it out!

Comic Builder Mac Port

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I’ve just ported LEGO Comic Builder 2 to the Mac! Go to the Downloads page to get it! You may need to have X11 installed in order to run the app right now (it’s free). If it works without X11 or if you want to refine the port, feel free to do so, and please let me know.

Still Alive

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I seem to have neglected this site for a while. It isn’t exactly my highest priority right now, but I definitely want to keep it going. To accompany (and justify) this update, I’m going to point to a few additions to the Fandom section.

The first is this LoM poster I made, based off of the poster for an LoM show that apparently appeared at LEGOLAND. Here’s the Duplo Brick Promoting it. I think it must have been a stage show or something.

The second addition is the LoM logo I redrew in Photoshop a while back (Don’t know why I haven’t uploaded it yet), And a large image of Riegel’s leadership insignia.

If anyone wants to use the original Photoshop and/or Illustrator files for these things, please contact me and I’ll send them to you.


Fan Work!

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There is now a Fan Art section on the Fandom page! The guy who did the Recon Mech there also made a review of it on Eurobricks. Check them out!


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The LEGO Life on Mars fan Archive has moved to WordPress so that I can more easily make updates to the site. The archive has been re-organized and expanded, and I’ve made  everything (hopefully) easier to find! The site also now has a new name! Biodium Vault, which I think is appropriate. 🙂 I was thinking about Yelib’s Vault, but Biodium is a more recognized keyword (when it comes to LoM fans anyway.)

Just so you know, if you want to discuss anything LoM-related, topics in BZPower’s LEGO General Discussion board would work. If you have a topic just tell me and I can put them all in a list here.

So, take a look around. The downloads section is where all the good stuff is. 😉