Biodium Vault is essentially a fan archive for LEGO’s 2001 line Life on Mars.

I was a big fan of Life on Mars when it came out. In fact, that’s what got me in to LEGO. I had so much fun playing the online games, and waiting in anticipation for the next week’s radio log. The radio logs were the transmission reports of the astronauts’ mission on Mars. It’s what carried the story along. (see the story section)

Unfortunately, the line (and site) only lasted one year, and the website is now only accessible through the internet archive’s Wayback Machine. And Since finding Lego Life on Mars stuff on the internet is almost impossible now, I decided to create a website that will hold all the digital LoM stuff that can be archived.

Unfortunately, all the best content from the Life on Mars website is missing. Specifically the weekly mini games. That’s what this site is for. A place where anyone can contribute what they’ve salvaged of LoM.

Site Admins

Aaron Lemay
Niall Fray


PeabodySam – LEGO Mania & Holiday comic scans
Niall C. FrayMany images in the Full Archive
HAL-9001The LEGO War of the Worlds fanfic
Andrewnuva199Foreign Magazine Scans & some images


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