Products are listed in order of set number, followed by its included minifigures and official description (when applicable).

1195 Life on Mars Welcome
Minifigs: Vega, Assistant

7302 Worker Robot
Minifigs: Martian

7303 Jet Scooter
Minifigs: Martian

7308/7300 Double Hover
Minifigs: Martian

7309/7301 Rover
Minifigs: Assistant

7310 Mono Jet
Minifigs: Assistant
The Mono Jet is a vehicle built on Mars from the remainder of a destroyed fuel tank.

7311 Red Planet Cruiser
Minifigs: Altair
The Red Planet Cruiser is the base’s scout, equipped with scanners and seismometer to be able to locate biodium. In order to be able to ford the hilly country, the Red Planet Cruiser can be changed from a vertical robot to a low-flying spacecraft when it is needed. Altair has a lot of fun cruising in this robot.

7312 T3-Trike
Minifigs: Doc
The T3-Trike is a big vehicle with three wheels that is built of materials brought along from the Earth. Makes geological investigations and is a transporter on the surface. Can be docked with parts from the mother craft.

7313 Red Planet Protector
Minifigs: Centauri
The Martians’ surveillance robot by means of which they can protect their territory when it is violated. Depending on the surveillance task, the robot can be transformed into: Giga Body mode; a frightening full-figure when a lot of muscles are needed. Chopper mode; alarm and high-speed. Low-Rider mode; all sensors, beam-booster and atmosphere stabiliser is active. It is a Guard Martian that has control.

7314 Recon-Mech RP
Minifigs: Antares
Puts out fires, cools down meteors, carries out localisation and collecting tasks – is on the spot in any kind of emergencies. Besides full-figure it can be transformed to Low-Rider and Surface glider. It helps Antares in performing his tasks.

7315 Solar Explorer
Minifigs: Mac, BB, Doc
The Solar Explorer is the mother craft itself, which will transport men and equipment to Mars. On board is a satellite probe for communication and investigation of the surface and meteorology and a smaller vehicle to collect samples.

7316 Excavation Searcher
Minifigs: Vega, Canopus, Pollux
The biggest of all robots, has 4 legs, meteor container, a crane with grab and a big seismometer for locating biodium meteors deep down in the ground. It can be transformed into Low-Rider or an upright two-legged figure with or without container and crane. Vega, a scientist and worker Martian handles this big machine.

7317 Aero Tube Hangar
Minifigs: Riegel, Cassiopeia, Vega, Mizar, Arcturus
The Aero Tube Hangar is the starting point and base for the Martians’ search for biodium. The meteors are transported to this centre where they are opened, the contents analysed and any biodium found is extracted. The steady crew is Riegel, Cassiopeia, a Pilot Martian and an older Martian that tends to make trouble (he used to be the leader of the colony).

3750 Life on Mars Accessories

7400 Life on Mars Clock

Minifigs: Doc, Martian


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